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If you received a tax letter from the IRS requesting additional information, a letter informing you of a correspondence audit, an office audit, a field audit, or if you were recently audited and would like someone to review the assessment, call us. We will review the facts absolutely free and give you an estimate of the cost before proceeding.

Why should you call us? Professional Tax Centers, LLC’s founder Ismael (Pete) Guerra is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (2004-82410), a retired former tax auditor and revenue agent with over 27 years in IRS related positions. As an office auditor he examined individual and small business tax returns; as a revenue agent, he examined large to mid-size businesses including tax shelters. He also possesses a vast knowledge of civil and international tax experience involving the implementation and drafting of Tax Treaties and Tax Information Exchange Agreements. Yet, his strongest area is in criminal tax.

Our founder is a hands-on person which means that regardless of who in our firm provides you with assistance, you can be guaranteed that your matter will be reviewed by him and nothing significant will be overlooked.

Criminal Tax

The major criminal tax statutes are found in Section 7201 (income tax evasion) and 7206 (subscribing to a false return) of the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM). These statutes are often used with other criminal statutes and civil sanctions. The majority of cases against taxpayers are investigated using a grand jury, although the IRS can proceed independently. IRS Special Agents prepare prosecution reports which serve as the basis for their recommendation to charge tax violations.

If you are investigated for a tax or related charge such as failure to report a foreign bank count (FBAR), you will be well served to have Pete, a former IRS special agent, supervisory IRS special agent, OCDETF Coordinator, and Assistant Special Agent In Charge on your defense team. If you are an attorney representing a client in a similar situation, contact Pete to complement your defense team.

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